One wine to buy this week


I love wandering around wine stores; you never know what brilliant liquid treasures you might find lying around. Once while wandering around a wine store in Madrid, I came across a bottle of Leeuwin Estate Prelude Vineyards Chardonnay on sale for 17 euros. I think that’s cheaper than what it sells for in Australia….

This week I discovered another bargain from Australia, a country who’s wine, at least at the nicer end, has been seriously underrated in the American market over the past few years. I found it at K&L wines: All Saints Rutherglen Durif 2012. Rutherglen is a tiny town in Northeast Victoria near the border with New South Wales. It’s famous for it’s thick, luscious sweet wines, but dry reds made from the Durif grape (Petite Syrah for Americans) are also very good. This is a great example, and a ridiculously good value. Go check it out!

Here’s my tasting note, although take this with a grain of salt since I’m relatively new at this:

All Saints Estate Rutherglen Durif 2012 (14% alc.)
Dark, purple red. Smoky, and almost bloody earthy notes. Plump, rich tannins and round mouthfeel. Very drinkable for a ‘big’ red. some pepper, herbal on finish. The peppery & earthy notes become more pronounced with more air.

I drank it with some leftover taco meat & cheese over rice. I don’t think it was the best pairing, since the meat had been doused with an extra-spicy seasoning that almost overwhelmed the wine. However, this definitely calls out for a meat dish. Late summer BBQ perhaps?

Happy Drinking!!


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